problem with auto-targeting multiple enemies

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problem with auto-targeting multiple enemies

Post by tosina » Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:04 pm

The way I figure it, the way combat targetting works is that the enemy ship which is closest to you, gets automatically targetted.

This means that if 3 ships attack you at once, and you manually target, track and attack one of them, if another enemy ship gets closer to you that your targetted ship, you targetting now automatically switches to that closer ship. Even if that ship were behind you or out of view. The only way to restore targetting to your previously tracked ship is to reselct it manually, at which point, it is soon lost again once another ship is in closer proximity.

I have dug through Pioneers wiki, bugtracker, and forums and surprising have found nothing on this topic.

As this seems to be a basic problem with the combat mechanics when multiple targets are involved, has anyone found a way around this?

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