HUD and UI ideas - mockups

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Re: HUD and UI ideas - mockups

Post by nozmajner » Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:21 pm

Played a bit with the orbital map:
  • The top button row acts almost like they were tabs. Their icons would be visible over the map header.
  • The map header would also have the system name in it.
  • The system overview on the right is independent from the map, and could be visible above other views too. Possibly with a way to even show near-by systems, too. Useful for trade or mission planning for example.
  • The overview lacks search/filter now
  • All windows/tabs should remember their position in my opinion. Like if you switch from the BBS while talking to somebody, you should be able to go to the map tab, and back to where you left the BBS.
  • Top left there are some display toggles for orbits, apses, body icons, labels, player and other ships.
  • Under that a collapsible window for orbital data.
  • No maneuver planner yet, but the the third row on the orbit data is for the maneuver orbit.
  • Time controls for the map on the bottom left, so it's close to the current date and time display. I'm planning on putting the maneuver planneer above it.
  • There's a slight atmospheric perspective to enhance the spatial awareness.
  • By default I'd keep the body representations flat white. This way as you get close, they'd naturally hide the icons. The body label could stay at the center, but would need a dark mask behind it to stay visible over the white body.
  • There could be a toggleable latitude and longtitude grid, maybe even a projected ground track.
  • There could also be a simplified ground/water display, maybe even a full-on rendered one.
  • Settlement icons could also be displayed on the surface, if the view is close enough.
  • Sub-body (moon, orbital, etc) icons could be hidden when afar, similar to how they are handled in the world view currently.
Possible input handling.
I'm planning on putting buttons in there too, at least for zoom and centering.
  • Left mouse should select thing you clicked.
  • Double left could zoom to a good close view.
  • Shift left mouse for targeting. (Disparate from world view, but more handy for map usage this way in my opinion)
  • Ctrl+left mouse could set it as frame of reference.
  • Right mouse on a body could bring up a popup for autopilot commands maybe?
  • Home could reset view (if you got lost)
  • Middle mouse (and even right mouse?) could rotate the view, shift+middle could pan (Blender works this way)
  • And if we follow some blender cenventions, numpad 7 could rotate to 'top view', 3 could rotate to 'side view' and 1 could be 'front' (based on current orbit and ecliptic, or just the ecliptic plane.). Might be useful for orbit planning.
  • In a same manner 4862 could be used for incremental rotation, and 9 could be view from opposite direction. (these Blender view shortcuts are quite clear in my opinion). Also, 5 could be used for recentering the view (since toggling between perspective and orthographic view doesn't seem applicable in this case).
  • Wheel and +- could be used for zoom
What do you think?

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Re: HUD and UI ideas - mockups

Post by nozmajner » Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:12 pm

And a more closer view, still WIP:

Things like the coordinate grid and city icons, the map detail, and the day/night distinction could fade in if you are close enough.
The orbit is also projected on the planet surface (might need several orbit passes to really show where the ship will pass due to planet rotation, and the ship position, and the apses are indicated on the surface projection with a line between the point in orbit and it's surface position.

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Re: HUD and UI ideas - mockups

Post by impaktor » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:55 am

Looking pretty amazing!

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Re: HUD and UI ideas - mockups

Post by sturnclaw » Sat Apr 27, 2019 11:06 pm

I'm posting another set of mockups, this time for the InfoView. We're looking at moving the InfoView away from a full-screen View and splitting it into several dockable windows, displayed in the main Game View, either free-floating or in one of several re-sizable docks.

Full album here

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