Long-range targeting system

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Long-range targeting system

Post by LtDoyle » Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:21 am

This game is amazing, still I have some problem on the targeting system.
The current combat range is greatly limited by the sight range and targeting range, player could hardly even see a target over thousands of meters, not to mention hitting it. Is it possible that we stretch the combat distant by making a very high and adjustable magnitude zoom camera view fixed on the crosshair or the locked-on target and allow player to fire at target and observe where the shoots drop in that view? Meanwhile the projectile speed should be boosted to suit the range.
Afterall, this is a true-scaled space game, combats start firing from tens-of-thousands of km makes more sense and make it more like a space naval battle than a fighters dogfight.
On above are my immature opinions, thank for reading.

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