Mission ideas

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Re: Mission ideas

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@tropicalpioneer That sounds like a massive expansion of pioneer - not that I'm against it, it's just very big. Ideas like these (build a fleet / base) have been suggested before.

I think a very first step is getting mining into the game at all, through mining machines, like they were on Frontier (Amiga version, in the DOS version this was buggy). Then you have to go back and supervise them, from time to time, as you suggested.
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Re: Mission ideas

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Sorry, I was (not much) thinking out loud when I read somebody's comment about missions being all like: load/buy point A, go/kill/drop point B (maybe action on point C).

What kind of missions (functions?) could be (relatively) easily developed, that are about "management/building" rather than "action/execution"?
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Re: Mission ideas

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A long-unmaintained PR that proposed a basic implementation of a racing mission was recently closed. I'm posting it here for reference and as an open call for any mission coders in the future who are willing to adopt the branch, address the outstanding feedback, and do the remaining 40% of the work on polish, rewards, and UI.

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