Equipment idea : UnderDrive engine

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Equipment idea : UnderDrive engine

Post by Garrom » Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:24 pm

I got idea of something to make long in-system travel little shorter. My idea is UnderDrive. Similar to Hyperdrive, UnderDrive is based on FTL technology. It is purchasable equipment which cost 5.000 credits and weights of 5t.

UnderDrive require 1t of hydrogen pre 20 AU of travel. Player must be no closer than 2 AU for activation. UnderDrive use FTL technology to fast move your ship 2 AU far from your target. When used, it sets time to x1. Also, use of UnderDrive is illegal where is illegal use of Hyperdrive due to use of same technology. Usage is on own risk of colliding with other body and die in infernal flames.

With help of hardcore math is calculated speed required to reach target within 5 seconds, use of UnderDrive always take 5 seconds. Instead of smooth acceleration, speed will be set instantly. Speed of ship before initializing UnderDrive will be saved in separated variable and at end of UnderJump, speed stored in variable will be restored. During UnderJump is time control disabled.

I imagining tunel very similar to Hyperjump tunel but Underjump tunel will be created of speed lines, not of star lines like Hyperjump.

I know it sound simple enough but I know C++ is not simple in any way.

What do you think about it ?


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Re: Equipment idea : UnderDrive engine

Post by nozmajner » Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:36 pm

There were quite some discussion about it, but no real conclusion.
I think it would add to the game, to have one, to move travel closer to things, but that might remove the sense of vastness.

My line of thinking about it right now is to make it work similarly to the hyperdrive, and you would emerge at the edge of the sphere of influence of the target planet (but not moons), and then you have to navigate from there. But it would only make sense in my opinion, if the deltaV (range) capabilities of the ships would be reduced at least to 0.1th. (current 3000km/s to 300km/s for example,) so there is still challenge to it.

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