Better Galaxy Map

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Better Galaxy Map

Post by WKFO » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:06 pm

I just want to write down my thoughts on the galaxy map.
(The picture in the link below was an old and incomplete drawing I made some time ago. Has an unbelievable amount of issues. It is not I want, I am not proposing this. Just to give you an idea.)

Mid-term(???) ideas
  • First of all, move to pigui
  • It should be free to move (hold right-click maybe)
  • Select a sector from galaxy map to move the sector view to those coordinates
I believe this might require some explanation.
You go to the galaxy map. When you move the mouse cursor over the galaxy map, there is a pop-up or a window that tells you which sector the mouse cursor shows currently. You left-click to select the sector. This enables the button "Show selected sector in sector view" (sth along these lines). Clicking on it switches to the sector view and moves the view to the coordinates you selected in the galaxy map.
  • Calculator
A tool set that allows you to calculate the distance between two points in the galaxy.
If we decide to be more advanced, we can either a)take the pilot's flight history and come up with an "average jump" or b)use a pre-defined "average jump" by hyperdrive and ship class. Using this data and dividing the distance by "average jump"s we can roughly approximate how many jumps, fuel and time it will take to go from one point to another. (Something like sector view's hyperjump route planner, but doesn't actually calculate routes because it would require a hell of a computing power.) Of course in 3D space the jumps will not always be directly towards the target, but we will take the approximate RELATIVE rate of approach to the target sector.

Long-term(??????) ideas
  • Improve Sector View and remove the need for the galaxy map altogether

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Re: Better Galaxy Map

Post by impaktor » Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:32 am

Yeah, current galaxy map isn't too useful. It's more of a gimick.

In frontier they squished the third dimension, to make the galaxy more flat, we don't, so distances on a 2D image would be more sane for them, than for us. But I get your point, it could still be cool to have.

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Re: Better Galaxy Map

Post by FluffyFreak » Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:32 am

Universe Generation in Elite Dangerous ... dangerous/

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