Power Generation - Consumption Thoughts

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Power Generation - Consumption Thoughts

Post by WKFO » Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:00 am

Just dropping off my random thoughts here with no coding involved.

Every equipment will have a power consumption rate. Some like scanner will constantly draw power while modules like weapons will only draw power when in use. Shields will consume more while charging, but they will consume much less power after they are fully charged. Even without any equipment, ships will have a base consumption rate themselves to keep the life support etc. running.

Ships won't consume any power while docked (external power) and battery will be autmoatically topped up (no cost), but generator consumables will have to be bought separately.

Every ship will need power generators (and will come with one when bought) and a battery (or a reserve power source under a different name). Battery power will be used when the generators are inactive or when the power generation is not enough at peak load times (Most likely combat). Battery will recharge if there is excess power generation.

I thought of a few power generator concepts:
  • Photovoltaic cells: Solar power. Will produce more power when close to the star. Low power generation rate.
  • Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator: Will require radioactives to run, and will slowly consume them. Power output will drop with time. Will generate radioactive waste over time. Medium-low power generation.
  • Fuel Cell: Will consume small amounts of fuel to generate power. Very powerful generator. (May be included in all ships for emergencies???) Manually adjustable rate.
  • Fission Reactor: Only available for medium ships. Will consume radioactives at a higher rate compared to RTGs. Medium-high power generation. Will generate radioactive waste over time.
This will have to be balanced in a way that it will be an essential part of gameplay but won't bother the player more than needed.

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Re: Power Generation - Consumption Thoughts

Post by FluffyFreak » Fri Aug 30, 2019 4:16 pm

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