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installed equipment - comparison/purchase dialog of installed/for sale equipment

Posted: Sun May 16, 2021 3:33 am
by tropicalpioneer
I am copying what follows from the issue I created (was asked to post such requests here in dev forum)

I had an idea of feature request while reading #5020 (

Currently, when trying to buy a better hyperspace engine, or any ship component that has different performance levels (weapon, hyperdrive, ...), a pop up informs that the ship is already equipped.

The idea:
If the ship component is an upgrade/downgrade of a current system (weapon, hyperdrive, ...), instead of "your ship is fully equipped" popup, it would be nice to have a confirmation/dialog window that shows a comparison of the current item and performances (damage points for weapons, speed or distance for hyperdrive, ...) and the decision to replace the current item (net cost included).