UI rewrite: related open bugs and feature requests

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UI rewrite: related open bugs and feature requests

Post by impaktor »

This collects all bug reports and feature requests that are related to UI, since it looks like ecraven is making an attempt to move entire UI into Nuklear or imgui.

I think most bugs will be resolved by the move, at least they should be migrated into the new imgui system. The feature requests are something to keep in the back of the mind while moving to imgui. The sorting is my - perhaps naive - suggestion of the order a move to UI can be made. I also made small summary comments of each issue.

@ecraven: don't be overwhelmed by the size of this list. I'm tracking all bug reports in my head, and will check with you as you make progress if anything needs to be addressed, or can be closed.

1. WorldView

The F1 screen involves:
  • HUD
  • cpanel
  • bar-widgets (like shield level)
  • comms messages briefly printed to worldview like now?
  • New feature: a comms log history window?
  • F4-Comms target window, indented, (fold-able?), (filter on station, ships, static bodies?). (ecraven has something similar to this already.)
Feature requests
  • #3763 Lat/Lon values could go to new line when there are negative values We should make sure this doesn't happen in new world view.
  • #3329 Request: temporary lua/json controlled flight UI this will close itself after worldview is defined in Lua through NuklearUI.
  • #2425 Improvements : Add full stop distance Is this now done "approximately" in new HUD?
  • #1668 New UI: Keyboard navigation "Arrow keys should move to the nearest selectable widget in that direction" Nice to have feature, but not top priority.
  • #1608 Buttons react to clicks while mouse flight is active General problem: different UI-elements fight for control. Typing save game name will execute those flight commands. Like "r" = roll / unroll. Top most widget should have control?
  • #1376 External view zooms when use mouse wheel on station/port list Don't zoom when scrolling contact list. (Do we still have this bug?)
  • #26 Control panel buttons don't always reflect current view state Should probably be addressed.
  • #2954 Fonts are "underlined" when multisampling is on Is this fixed by Nuklear? Rendering still done in C++, just defined in Lua.
  • #3103 decapitated scanner blobs Will Scanner get any re-work? If so, this might be decided to be closed/accepted or fixed/modified, or perhaps it's a feature?
2. Implement tooltip

Activated after mouse has hoovered over a widget for ~2 seconds. Can this be used to name/describe all components of the HUD?

Feature requests
  • #1670 New UI: Tooltips Each widget has a tooltip, shown after mouse over for some time.
  • #160 Show equipment description tooltip in ship info view, strings are already there as "_DESCRIPTION" in equipment-core/en.json
  • #2792 Tooltip for system names and data mouse over location and get coordinates as tooltip. Possibly also system names as hyperlinks to setting them as target.
  • #3068 Feature Request: Tool Tips in shopping menus.
3. ShipInfoView, StationInfoView -- F3 and F4 screens

A tabbed windowing system as is found for F3 and F4 menus now. Ideally, should also be able to line wrap lines/cells with if long translated string.

Feature request
  • #3724 Long commodity names may use bad line wrap in economy analysis In general: windows titles, and table elements/cells need to be able to line-wrap long strings
  • #1693 Suggestion: UI Change: Ship Descriptions This probably falls outside the scope of the current UI move change. Forum has mocups.
  • #3726 Make selected item in lists more visible Seems like we want this.
  • #3637 Can't tell what equipments are compatible before buying a ship Show in ship market what ships are hyperdrive capable. Maybe hold off on this?
  • #3492 Your photo on Personal Information We would really like some way to choose different face components separately, as this has been requested by artists (Evarchart) generating new amazing face components. Probably open as a separate window where you select each component.
  • #2820 Preview information for modules in particular for hyperdrives and guns. Some mockup is needed about what info we show for equipment. Different equipment have different properties. like laser weapons have: recharge time, damage, etc.
  • #2383 Info View: Allow switching tabs with keyboard at least some keyboard mapping, would be nice? "When the new UI is everywhere the the toplevel shortcuts will run through its input handlers (eg off some panel widget) and will be easy to hook up."
  • #1778 Zoom Function for Ship Preview Screen in Shipyard
  • #2863 Legal status doesn't work. this should resolve itself by NuklearUI, assuming we have different "wanted" levels?
4. Move options/settings/menu/save/load

Feature request
  • #3740 Control options: Mouse sensitivity slider Not sure how relevant this request is. Do we even want this? If not -> close it.
  • #847 Load / Save game screen suggestions Ideas for information to show in save/load screen. Some quite good ideas, shouldn't be too hard to include. Some have already been done since (very old) this post.
  • #2698 flight controls remain active during typing save game name
  • #3146 controller name sometimes is too long
5. Move F8 galaxy screen

If the modelviewer doesn't depend on New UI, all New UI code related can be removed from master?

6. Move F2: SectorView, OrbitView, EconTrade, SystemInfo

Feature request
  • #3564 New UI System Info (For reference)
  • #2549 Multi-hop hyperspace route and other improvements to the Map plan several jumps in one go in the star map. We can already do this for depth of 2 jumps. Make sequence length arbitrary.
  • #826 Planetary Grid/ Co-ordinate System for planets in orbit viewer?
  • #2985 supergiants may break system view will be solved by Nuklear, we hope.
  • #1052 Ordering of planets on planetary system page will be solved by Nuklear, we hope.
  • #3509 NPC ships shown in wrong location in system orbit view If one happens to see why while digging in the code.
7. (New feature) Implement ship-to-ship screen

Being able to have windows outside of a station is important for game play, and has been sorely missed for many years. These will be used for:
  • #3070 Allow ship-to-ship communication in space
  • #770 Lua comms interface Communicate with targeted ship
  • #2363 Request: BB page for dialogue outside of BB context
  • #3071 Allow ship-to-ship docking in space
  • And have tutorial screens come up, triggered by events:
    • player starts game
    • player opens SectorView for the first time, etc.
  • two panel ship-to-ship goods, items, personnel, money, transfer window
8. Miscellaneous
  • #1959 Customize ship window
  • #1760 FOV-slider
  • #1121 custom star system info (do we really need this?) Close?
  • #2014 mission clock
  • #1579 "If I'm rotating the ship and switch to ShipInfoPage (F3), rotation doesn't slow down"
  • #1541 keyboard driven UI
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Re: UI rewrite: related open bugs and feature requests

Post by ecraven »

For reference, my current work is available at https://github.com/ecraven/pioneer, branch pioneer-imgui. It is still heavily WIP, though most of the functionality has been moved to lua, the lua code needs to be restructured a lot to make modding easier. In case you want to try it, be sure to set PIONEER_DATA_DIR to your local checkout data directory *before* running ./bootstrap, otherwise the new lua files (and the new fonts) won't be picked up.
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Re: UI rewrite: related open bugs and feature requests

Post by GunChleoc »

I have problems fitting my translations on many of the current screens - maybe keep that in mind during the redesign?

A good article on the subject:

https://www.w3.org/International/articl ... -text-size

I found that if you test with Scottish Gaelic and Hungarian, translations should pretty much fit, since these 2 languages tend to have long words in different places.
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Re: UI rewrite: related open bugs and feature requests

Post by nozmajner »

Yeah, we hungarians have some long words and sentences. :)
Igen, mi magyarok tudunk hosszú mondatokat írni. :)

It's a good point in general, even though my quick example above doesn't really show it, we sometimes have quite convoluted sentences. But ecraven knows that already I think.
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