Making some additional paint patterns (updated 27 Aug 2018)

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Re: Making some additional paint patterns (updated 6 Feb 2018)

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I just made some new textures for the Venturestar -- getting rid of the "Nike" checkmark version and making two new ones instead. One's a bit outlandish while the other is basically a non-white version.

As the last PR didn't have all the updates I had made but I'm not sure which are included and which are not, all updates I did are in the new version of the zip file Someone can sort out what's new and what's not! I know I had modified the Pumpkinseed some more and a few others since the PR had been made.

And while I was at it, I made a couple variations for the city buildings that have a bit of color -- they'll use different colors if they load with different patterns, but the two new ones have different levels of weathering (done via alpha channel), so only those that load with the original pattern will look freshly painted. The textures are at and go into data/models/buildings/vlastan The result is actually a less brightly colored city as the two new ones are more subtle and "normal" looking, but more varied in what color they do have as there's a potential for three different colors -- though each building type is always the same color, as before, of course.

And if you really want some variety, here's three different alpha patterns to create different looks on the edges of the other ground station (with those six separate big pads, rather than the circular ground station which I've done in a different thread). (new .model file included so you'd have to recompile the sgm or delete the existing sgm).
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Re: Making some additional paint patterns (updated 27 Aug 2018)

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Nice work Keeper, will try to check them out soon
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