Small change to music player request

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Small change to music player request

Post by jasondude7116 »

The current setup plays music files, then when there is an event change such as "docked" or "ship-nearby" etc., the music abruptly changes to play a file from the new event folder. ("space" or "near-spacestation" for example) I was wondering if there might be a way to do a small (2-4 second) volume fade-out of the previous music track at an event transition. (sorry I don't know what the actual event names are, but ...I think you get the idea)

It might be better to do an abrupt change (like the current setup) if transitioning to "ship-firing" music. But it might be cool to have a small fade-out at other music event transitions.

Just putting out ideas.
Also thank you - jpab for doing the autopilot change. Just tried it out! It might seem like a small change, but it's nice.
Keep up the great work guys.
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Re: Small change to music player request

Post by robn »

It used to do that. It's supposed do that. Obviously we broke it somewhere along the way.
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