Faction: Azanchi empire

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Faction: Azanchi empire

Post by Spiffor » Tue May 12, 2020 8:26 am

Hi guys, long time no see :)

I've started working on a more personal project, which I think may be of interest to you guys ;) The Azanchi Empire


The Azanchi empire is a faction distant to the galaxy's historical center. It brings some flavour and variety to the game's lore, with little to no interaction with the main plot.
It replaces the "Blood faction"

The capital is System Zuba, planet Jabu, (26,9,9)

The Azanchi empire has some of the following inspirations:
- General flavour is African high-tech
- Language is Afrihili. Most bodies', cities' and characters' names come from this language, or from real names/locations in eastern/southern Africa.
- Politics and society are imperial, conservative, tied by strong and creative culture, inspired by the "golden age" of Arabic caliphates

Please note that Azanchi is NOT "Africa in Space": it is just an attempt of an exotic space opera fantasy. It has nothing of the subtleties of African cultures and has no pretentions to it.

  • A new faction with its lore
  • Currently one custom system (11 more are planned)
  • New names, which currently apply to the entire galaxy, but could benefit from developing the localized people name feature
  • A starting position in the empire's capitol
Right now, everything needs to be fleshed up (I'm only satisfied with a) the custom system, and b) with the "history" part of lore).

You can Download as a mod file here
You can find the lore (not definitive) in the subfolder: azanchi.zip\_non_mod\2020.05.06\Pioneer\Azanchi empire

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Re: Faction: Azanchi empire

Post by nozmajner » Tue May 12, 2020 10:30 am

I think that lore is nicely writen. We sure need an in-game encyclopedia thing, so there's place for this kind of thing.
I haven't yet checked the mod, but overall it seems interesting. And a welcome additon.

I won't be coming up with a ship manufacturer for them yet, there's already more then enough to work on. :) So they have to buy their hardware from already estabilished manufacturers for now.

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Re: Faction: Azanchi empire

Post by impaktor » Mon Dec 21, 2020 8:55 pm

@Spiffor, I don't know if you've seen this:

...but if you have any thoughts, good or bad, please share:

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