Download Pioneer

We regularly produce builds of Pioneer to make it easy for players to try out recent developments and to get feedback and ideas. We’d love for you to take Pioneer for a spin. These are unfinished development snapshots, and are lots of fun!

Binary builds

Pre-built copies of the game are available for the following platforms.

Release: 20190203

One year since last build release, tagging and marking this as a release. Please see the change log for what's new, modified, improved, or nerfed. Enjoy!

(Also, alternative linux32 and linux64 download here)

Source code

Complete source for the game, including assets, is always available from our GitHub repository.

See the compiling guide to find out how to get it up and running.


For March 2019. Full changelog.
  • Internal Changes
    • PiGui profiling changes (#4549)
    • Terrain Cleanup (#4550)
    • Avoid reallocation of vector using a list of nearby bodies (#4546)
    • Modified asserts to be correct now (#4553)
    • Add instructions on building pioneer with CMake and MSYS2 (#4535)
    • Refactor sound code to it's own folder (#4557)
  • Fixes
    • Fix game load crash with unattached hyperspace clouds (#4555)
    • Fix middle mouse not working in paused mode (#3032)